• Pastor Gabriel L. Cochran

What You Need To Know About Coronavirus

“I do remember my faults this day” (Gen. 41:9). I have to admit that I’ve been lax and irresponsible in addressing what is obviously a crisis in the world today, and for that I want to apologize. As your pastor it’s my job to give you the truth, and I have preached and taught consistently that the Bible is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, containing everything the child of God needs to FIND the truth concerning anything worth knowing the truth about. This includes the current epidemic being covered up by every media outlet and the leaders of several countries. My failure has been in basically ignoring (and sometimes scoffing at) the ramifications of this viral outbreak.

This article is written in an effort to make up for my failure, and I’ll start by giving some facts that have been withheld from you. So this will be a warning about the present viral epidemic and some statistics and advice you should know in order to prepare yourself both physically and spiritually, going forward. This thing is deadly and dangerous, and people are dying; I don’t want to get to the end of it without having warned you and made attempts to prepare you concerning it.

[By the way, if you’ve come this far, please read on until the end.]

Now, you will not hear these stats in the news, because they are busy covering up what is actually happening. That’s the job of the media—to distract and get you “watching the birdie” on the left, while things you should know, but that they don’t WANT you to know, are happening on the right. So here we go.

The following material is from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) website and officially recognized statistical publications which are available for anyone to check:

1. Due to the present epidemic, thirteen children under 12 have died JUST THIS PAST WEEK (the last week of February) in the United States alone, making a total so far of 125 children who have contracted the virus and then died with it since the recent wave hit.

2. 18,000 people have died, total, in the United States so far, since the epidemic started.

3. 310,000 people have been hospitalized with the virus in the United States (the news media is giving you much different numbers, aren’t they? But this is straight from the CDC.)

4. Sources at the CDC say, “This epidemic took off aggressively…and there is no sign that the momentum is slowing.”

5. It is projected that there will be anywhere from 140,000 to 810,000 hospitalizations from the virus in the United States over the next year, and anywhere from 12,000 to 61,000 dead.

6. In CANADA, the projected estimate is 39,000 cases of virus contraction, resulting in 3,500 dead.

That is the truth that no one is talking about. So, what do we, as Christians and responsible citizens, do now?

Well, my advice is keep doing what you normally do. (You read it right.)

I can sense your disappointment in that advice all the way from here; but I’m not sure why you’re confused. Perhaps I haven’t been clear?

Wait; did you assume I was discussing the Coronavirus? I’m sorry, I can see now how you may have been misled. You see, I should have made clear that the list above details the current statistics for COMMON INFLUENZA VIRUS this year so far.

Didn’t I say that earlier? If not, I apologize.

Oh, and numbers 5. and 6. above are not “projections”--- I misspoke. Those are the actual statistics for the 2019-2020 flu season.

You probably want to hear about the much more dangerous Coronavirus, don’t you?

Ok, Coronavirus cases in Canada number…27.

How many deaths?

No deaths. As in, “zero.”

In the United States, with over 10x the population of Canada (approximately 350,000,000), as of March 2nd, there have been…TWO DEATHS.

How many dead in the US from the flu again?—18,000. Coronavirus? —Two.

In Canada, we have 3,500 dead from the flu…ZERO dead from Coronavirus. Folks, more people are dead from having too many Coronas than from having Coronavirus! “I’ll take my Coronavirus with a twist of lime, please.”

A little over 3,000 people have died from Coronavirus, as of March 2nd. SIX TIMES as many people have died in the United States FROM THE FLU, since October(!), than have died WORLDWIDE, total, from Coronavirus.

“COVID-19 [meaning, Coronavirus—that jargon is used because it sounds scarier] has infected approximately 89,000 people GLOBALLY, and caused over 3,000 deaths.”

This is from the World Health Organization (WHO):

“The common cold and COVID-19 are both infectious respiratory illnesses, which have similar symptoms but are caused by different viruses.”

“So far, most of those who have died from the virus had “UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS,” such as hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases, which weakened their immune systems. [The WHO study] shows about a ten percent mortality rate for Coronavirus patients with heart disease and about seven percent for those with diabetes.” [Meaning, more than 90 PERCENT OF PEOPLE WITH HEART DISEASE AND DIABETES get well from this virus.]

“Deaths are far RARER among younger people. While THE SEVERELY ILL ARE AT THE HIGHEST RISK OF DEATH, a fraction of the mild cases prove fatal for UNKNOWN REASONS.” [Aren’t the “severly ill” at high risk of death anyway?]

“The risk of complications from COVID-19 only increases with age, with the risk of dying particularly high among patients in their 70’s and 80’s.”

[Do you know what people in their 70’s and 80’s are ALSO at particularly high risk of, besides death by Coronavirus? DEATH BY ANY OTHER MEANS! Hello…they’re EIGHTY!]

That’s from the WHO, care of Global News.

Now folks, “If it don’t make sense there’s a buck in it ($$$).”

It makes no sense that anybody would be running around like their hair is on fire over Coronavirus, when the common seasonal influenza bug has proven to be MUCH more deadly and dangerous. To put things in perspective, remember that 3,000 have died worldwide from Coronavirus; and then note that more than 5,000 people died in the United States just last year from CHOKING for crying out loud!

Here’s another excerpt from the CDC on the symptoms and treatment of Coronavirus:

“Those infected with COVID-19 may have little to no symptoms. You may not even know you have symptoms because they are similar to a cold or the flu.

“Symptoms may take up to 14 days to appear. Symptoms include runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever, a general feeling of being unwell[!]. If you get an infection, stay home while sick, avoid close contact with others, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands, clean and disinfect objects and surfaces.”

Wow [clap, clap]. “Spank you, Helpy Helpertons; spank you very much!”

So here’s what you need to know about Coronavirus. The news media in the US (with Canada’s leftist media helping) is gaslighting a panic over this thing so they can (1.) Sell papers, get “views” and “clicks” and “likes” and “downloads” ($$$); (2.) Force an economic ($$$) downturn that they can blame on President Trump which will hopefully enable them to put a communist—excuse me, “democrat” ($$$)—in the White House in November.

On a global scale, the Coronavirus frenzy enables the drug companies to lobby for funding ($$$) for vaccines, trials, medicines, treatments, etc. Meanwhile, the folks at the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW (and definitely the WHY), along with everybody over at the CDC, maintain job security ($$$).

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (I Tim. 6:10).

The real “crisis” going on has nothing to do with any virus. The real crisis is Christians allowing the world to do their thinking for them, and turning their backs on God to run in fear from every boogeyman the media (the world’s mouthpiece) commands them they have to be scared of.

The real problem is not Coronavirus—it’s Christians who would rather watch news videos and check Facebook for “trends” rather than walk in faith taking refuge in the words of their Heavenly Father.

Christians, get away from the news media and stop letting THEM control your thoughts and actions through fear and distractions. God didn’t suddenly fall off His throne when somebody decided to “try the bat” in China. Trust the Lord to keep you healthy, JUST LIKE YOU DID BEFORE CORONAVIRUS SHOWED UP.

“My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.” (Prov. 4:20-22)


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