• Pastor Gabriel L. Cochran

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM Part 5 - The "Miracles" of Mohammed

ISLAM’S “PROPHET” (who never prophesied about anything) is supposed to belong in a list of holy men that includes Moses, the Old Testament prophets, and Jesus. We have already documented and demonstrated how this poor, mentally and physically ill, sex-obsessed, demon-possessed, Satan-inspired (see our last article), polytheistic, suicidal, war-mongering lunatic from the 7th century belongs in no such list. Rather, he belongs in a list of murdering, pagan, heathen idolaters like Genghis Khan, Alexander “the Great” (a demon-possessed, epileptic killer) all of the popes (demon-possessed killers who killed and tortured those who opposed them), and Adolph Hitler (a demon-possessed killer and, incidentally, a Roman Catholic who has never been excommunicated by his church).

But, as history proves, the blind followers of all deeply religious dictators who love to kill folks who disagree with them are extremely loyal and creative when it comes to defending “Dear Leader” (Der Führer, His Holiness, etc.), even to the extent of ascribing godhood to them, and telling of their “miracles.” But this is nothing new. Pagan charlatans have been trying to rip off the signs and wonders of Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and the apostles (see the present-day charismatic movement) ever since Pharaoh’s magicians flunked out of the competition in Exodus Chapter 8. Mohammed’s followers fall right in line with these superstitious counterfeiters.

In Mohammed’s case, however, we have a unique situation where, contrary to many of the pagan dictators that claim to be gods or descendants of the gods (as in the Roman and Greek traditions), Mohammed confesses that he performed NO MIRACLES other than the supposedly miraculous production of the Koran. This brings to light the tremendous fact that Mohammed’s followers not only LIED when they invented the myths of his miracles after his death, but in so doing made an even more incredible LIAR out of Mohammed than he had already made of himself (see Sura 17:91-95). Either Mohammed lied when he said he didn’t perform miracles, or his followers lied when they said he did. Real trustworthy bunch we’re dealing with here.

The so-called “miracles” of Mohammed are recorded in the Hadith, Islam’s other “holy” book. As we review these counterfeit, imitation “miracles” we can almost hear the Mohammedan, on being told of Jesus’ and Moses’ miraculous works, respond with, “Oh yeah? Well guess what; OUR prophet did that too...and more!” as he embarrassedly makes up a competing account.

  1. First, there was that time when the Meccans asked Mohammed to perform a miracle to prove he was Allah’s prophet (I guess that fatty tumor on his back wasn’t the “seal of prophethood” after all). Mohammed obliged by pulling out his sword, reaching up and CUTTING THE MOON IN HALF. Quite a sword he had on him, wouldn’t you say? And quite a reach (in more ways than one). But let’s not ignore the real miracle here: who on earth put the two halves of the moon back together again?! The Hadith doesn’t tell us, but that guy would be my pick for Allah’s true prophet. He’s probably still running around in the desert out there somewhere. (See the Hadith, Vol. 4:830-832; Vol. 5:208-211; Vol. 6: 387-390.)

  2. Then, there was the time in the wilderness where the Muslims needed water, and Mohammed produced it miraculously (see the original in Exodus 17:6). Only he didn’t have it gushing out of a rock as in the Biblical account, but rather out of his FINGERNAILS. Delicious. This one turns out to be a real “fish story.” One Hadith says the water Mohammed produced satisfied 70 people (Vol. 4:774). Another (Vol. 4:775) says 80 drank it. Yet another says around 300 (Vol. 4:772). And, one more time with feeling, still others say upwards of 1500 people (Vol. 4:776; 5:473) had their thirst quenched in this instance! If these Hadiths keep it up, they’re going to contradict themselves as often as an NIV.

  3. The next entry in Mohammed’s list of miracles is another “creative original.” He took bread and multiplied it to feed the hungry masses. Coincidentally(!), Jesus Christ does it twice – Matt. 14; Matt. 15; Mark 6; Mark 8; Luke 9; John 6. Mohammed even supposedly had them partake of the bread in companies, matching Jesus’ method (Mark 6:40). For this “miracle,” check the Hadith, Vol. 4:778, 781.

  4. Speaking of eating bread, Hadith 4:779 tells us that food would actually shout out and praise Allah as Mohammed ate it. Now that one gets points for originality. Can’t you hear the lamb-chop as it’s being brought closer, and closer, and closer to Mohammed’s mouth: “Allahu Akbaaarrgghhhmppphhhrmmmblemmmm...gulp! (burp).”

  5. In another blatant attempt to match, and then outperform Jesus Christ (Mark 7:33; 8:23), the writers of the Hadith have Mohammed healing a man’s eyes with his spit in Vol. 4:192, and 5:51. They then proceed to tell us Mohammed’s spit could cure ALL manner of diseases in Vol. 7:641-642. And while we’re talking about miraculous spit, Hadith Vol. 4:777 and 5:471-472 record that Mohammed spat into a dry well and filled it with enough water to satisfy 1400 men and their camels. That is one, magic loogie. Take that, Jesus.

  6. The final “miracle” we’ll document is an attempt to surpass the Apostle Paul and his experience in II Corinthians 12. Mohammed has a dream where a horse picks him up (from whence comes the “mare” our term “nightmare”) and takes him to Jerusalem to visit the Dome of the Rock, and then on into the 7th Heaven (the Bible speaks of only three heavens, with Paul visiting the third, so the Muslims have to pretend Mohammed was higher up on the food chain than Paul). When he gets to the 7th heaven, he chats up Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. This is recorded in Hadith, Vol. 1; nos. 211, and 345. Morey states that this “miracle” is considered by some to be the greatest of all Mohammed’s wonders, outside of the Koran itself. It should also be mentioned that the Muslims stake their claim of ownership on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem based solely on a DREAM Mohammed SAID he had, where he THOUGHT he was taken there. He never physically stepped one foot in Jerusalem.

Now, these miracles of Mohammed are supposed to compete with the likes of these Biblical prophets: 1) Moses, who turned all the waters of Egypt into blood and had the death angel slay all of Egypt’s first-born sons, including Pharaoh’s, 2) Elijah, who called down fire from heaven to consume those who would do him harm (wouldn’t Mohammed have exploited THAT power, if he had it?), 3) Jesus, who caused a blind man’s eyes to materialize in their sockets, 4) Jesus, who restored a man’s crippled, atrophied, arthritic, hand to perfect muscular form and function before the eyes of everyone in the room, 5) Jesus, who commanded the WIND and WAVES OF THE SEA to lay down (and they obeyed), 6) Jesus, who walked clear across a body of water as though it were dry ground, 7) Jesus, who raised a man from the GRAVE that had been dead, wrapped up in grave-clothing, and entombed for FOUR DAYS.

If we are to believe the Mohammedans, we are to take the unsubstantiated, contradictory fabrications of 7th century desert-dwellers as being equal to the quality of the true miracles and miracle-workers we just listed from the Bible. Isn’t that something? We are expected to see Mohammed, at the very least, as being equal with Jesus Christ. Mohammed, who couldn’t even prophesy which direction he would go when he died (he only had to decide between up or down!), matches up in the eyes of the Mohammedan with Jesus Christ; the same Jesus who, after being murdered by professional executioners, raised HIMSELF from the dead and was seen talking, eating, and drinking with over five hundred documented witnesses. (When he got through fellowshipping with these witnesses, he said “See ya later!” and launched Himself skyward like Superman, and was received up into the third heaven to be seated at the right hand of God His Father, where He “ever liveth to make intercession” for every born-again child of God.) You can check the documented evidence of these witnesses for yourself in a King James Bible, which has endured 2000 years of criticism from unregenerate scholars, secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, and evolutionists who have dedicated their lives and intellects to disproving It, while failing to disprove ONE WORD IN IT.

And if that still weren’t enough, you can experience one of Jesus Christ’s miracles yourself, right now. Contrary to the inability of anyone to contact Mohammed (without making the trip to hell) you can simply bow your head where you are and speak to Jesus Christ personally, ask Him by faith to wash you from your sins in His blood, and watch as He answers you and shows you the truth of His power by regenerating you, making you a new creature, and giving you His Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is alive, and has the power to change your eternity and your life here and now.

And what about Mohammed? What can he do for you? What did he ever do for anybody besides himself? He fits in the same bracket with Jesus, does he? Don’t get mad at me; I’ve checked BOTH men out scientifically, and found one of them sadly lacking. Jesus Christ checks all the boxes. He checks out as Prophet, Priest, King, and Saviour. Frankly, He checks out as GOD MANIFEST IN THE FLESH.

You don’t have to believe one word in this article; CHECK HIM OUT YOURSELF. That is, if you’ve got the guts. (You see, the problem you’ve got is, as wild and crazy as all the above seems to a 21st century, scientific progressive, something down deep tells you it’s the truth, doesn’t it? Come on, now doesn’t it?! Think about it. You see, your problem isn’t unbelief; it’s COWARDICE. You’re afraid I’m telling you the truth, and regardless of all your scientific excuses, you won’t perform the experiment. “Well, I just think every religion is the same, and everybody has a right to believe what feels...” Uh-huh. Go on, stupid; keep kidding yourself – but don’t think you’re kidding us.

There are several other “miracles” attributed to Mohammed in the Hadith, but the ones we’ve listed are the most notable. We won’t discuss the palm tree Mohammed had to console and caress until it stopped crying, or the time the angel Gabriel split Mohammed’s chest open to pour in Zam-zam water (yeah, I don’t know what that is either). We’ll leave without comment the awe-inspiring instance when Mohammed guessed how many dates a garden contained before it was harvested, and the occasion when a grave rejected and threw out the body of a Muslim who had converted to Christianity (how’s that a miracle of Mohammed?). And time fails us to tell of Mohammed controlling the rain (copying Elijah), and the man Mohammed helped to memorize the Hadiths by picking up imaginary items and throwing them into the sheet the man had been wearing.

You get the picture. The Mohammedans who wrote the Hadith were dishonest, ignorant, jealous frauds, who made a bigger fraud out of Mohammed than he managed to make of himself in his lifetime. Even the casual observer could discern the envy that motivated not only the fabrication of Mohammed’s miracles, but the development of the religion of Islam as a whole. When the writers of the Hadith weren’t ripping off or embellishing upon the real miracles performed by the real prophets of the true Jehovah-God, they were displaying their primitive ignorance by dreaming up this pagan, superstitious mythology they then attributed to their guru. And, lest the reader believe Mohammed and his followers to be innocent of the crimes of plagiarism and fraud with which we have indicted them, let the record show that when the muslims sat down to write the Hadith, the ministries and miracles of Moses and Elijah had been available for examination in the completed canon of the Old Testament scriptures for more than a THOUSAND YEARS; and the miracles of Jesus Christ and the Apostles had been documented in New Testament for more than SIX HUNDRED YEARS.

May God help anyone who is caught up in this fraudulent insanity, and in submission to this primitive, superstitious nonsense to come their senses and then come to the true God who gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be the atonement for their sins, and not for theirs only, but for the sins of the whole world. ---GLC

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