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 When you visit Freedom, you'll find a Bible-believing, independent Baptist church. That may seem like a complex title to some, but there's a lot in a name. What it means is this---the Bible is our Final Authority in all matters. What IT says takes priority over any other opinions.


    "Independent" means we give account to no one but God and the Bible for how we run our church, and the Pastor does not report to any religious organization for his direction of the church. 


    We are Baptists, in that we generally subscribe to the traditional Baptist doctrines such as Salvation by grace WITHOUT works, and Baptism by immersion AFTER salvation. We also have what you might call a traditional Baptist order to our services, with Sunday School classes, the singing of hymns (not contemporary "praise and worship"), Bible preaching, and altar prayer.


    At Freedom, we focus primarily on the edification of the born-again believer, the evangelization of the lost, and the ultimate exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ in our church and lives. We believe strongly in the support of missions, and seek to propagate the truth of the word of God through Bible preaching and teaching. Whether by a website, a gospel tract, preaching on the streets, or written and recorded media, we believe it is the duty and calling of every New Testament local church to put out as much truth from God's word as possible. We believe God's perfect, pure words have been given by inspiration and preserved for us in English, without error, in the Authorized Version: the King James Bible.


          If you are interested in hearing the unadulterated truth of the word of God, and not the opinions of man, come visit us at Freedom Baptist. We are not interested in your money; we are not interested in large numbers; we are concerned with helping as many people as possible to find out exactly why God put them on this planet, what to do while they are here, and how to go about doing it. A wise old preacher once said, “The man who is a success in this life is the man who finds what God wants him to do, and does it.”

     The answer to life's questions are found in an Old Book. A Book that has brought freedom and liberty to our continent for generations, and is still just as practical and necessary today as it was when it was given by inspiration of God in ages gone by. Hundreds of thousands throughout history have found salvation and freedom from sin, happiness and joy in life, and the blessed assurance of Heaven in Its pages. It is our desire that, through the preaching and teaching of this Book, men, women, boys and girls may receive eternal life and go on to find God's will for their lives.

    The Bible says in Revelation 4:11 that you were created for God’s pleasure. Freedom Baptist Church is here so that you might find out how to please Him, for no one can ever be truly happy unless his life fulfills the purpose its Creator intended.

“Receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.” --- James 1:21


Pastor Gabriel Cochran

 Freedom Baptist Church was established in 2009 by our Pastor, Gabriel Cochran, and his family, with a small group of believers. Pastor Cochran was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Bible-believing parents who raised him in a Christian home. His father has been a Bible-believing Baptist preacher and pastor in the southern U.S. for over forty years, pastoring churches in both Tennessee and North Carolina. Pastor Cochran trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour at an early age, surrendered to the call to preach at nineteen, and graduated from Bible College in 2002. That same year, Bro. Cochran married his wife Sonia, who is from here in Montreal. The Cochrans moved to Montreal in 2006 to pursue God's call on their lives. After serving as an associate pastor in a Baptist church in Laval for three years, Bro. Cochran started Freedom Baptist Church in 2009.



215 rue St.Laurent

Suite 106-08

Saint-Eustache, QC J7P 4R1



© 2020 Freedom Baptist Church



10am       Adult and Children's Sunday School

11am                                               Main Service

2pm         Adult and Children's Sunday School

3pm                                                 Main Service


7pm                                              Prayer Service

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